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Meet Christina

Let's start with the best part about me: my family.

I'm a wife to Michael, an incredibly bright man with the driest sense of humor I've met. And a mama to Gideon, Millie, and Belle - the cutest trio ever with the sweetest souls in the world.

They are my why.

Sometimes they travel to my destination weddings with me and we have our own crazy adventures and other times I just go by myself.

I'm unapologetically intentional, raw, and real.

I'm a strong encourager and extremely empathetic. I'm your new biggest cheerleader basically.

At this point, in regards to photography,

I have consistently met my financial goal of six figures through Function And Flourish Photography for the past few years, achieved a high booking rate of my ideal clients, and traveled so much that I got to know some of the airport staff haha

I successfully moved my business from Ohio to Colorado years ago and have built up while having and raising my babies. It's been my goal to defy the odds to prove that we can do hard things in order to make our dreams a reality.

However messy and awkward I can be - I always choose to move onward and upward by creating a tangible plan.

The truth is that many of the West Arrow attendees are insanely talented and could very well host their own retreats (a couple of them have launched a workshop since attending, so amazing!) and that's one such a beautiful part of these retreats.

That we sharpen one another.

Of course, I will spill the beans on everything that I have learned wrapped up nice and tidy in the curriculum that is tried and true. 

But, I also leave space for conversation to learn and grow together - alongside you. 

You have a voice and we need to hear it.

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